Cooking classes

The popularity of classes in Italian cuisine has reached an all-time high and the choice is vast.
The majority of these are located in the idyllic cypress-and-olive-dotted rural Tuscany and Umbria as well as in 5-star Venetian hotels in the off-season months. However, Rome wasn't nicknamed caput mundi without reason!
  • Here, home town to the wealthy and decadent gourmet Marcus Gabius (better-known as Apicius, who in the first century wrote De Re Coquinaria — Concerning Culinary Matters — the world's first (cookbook), you will be initiated into the exquisite secrets of the Roman cuisine, assisted both by a team of accredited professional chefs of one of the more noted culinary schools and in a warmly welcoming domestic environment.
  • Our partners conduct their activity in the centre of Rome, halfway between St. Peter’s and the Aventine hill. There, in a cheerful and real house kitchen, they will initiate you into the secrets of good Italian cooking – from preparation to seasoning and dressing, decoration of the servings to the art of frying.
  • Experience the pleasure of wandering around the local market stalls in search of the best fruit and vegetables of the season that will entice you to experiment with new dishes.
  • You will actually be cooking where cooking is carried out every day.
  • Explore your own creativity through the magic of the culinary art and the simplicity of good cooking.
  • This culinary adventure may also be preceded by a tour through one or more of the local markets where it is not only the Italian housewife who goes there everyday to buy the best seasonal produce.