The sights, sounds and smells of a traditional Roman market are something hard to do justice to in just a few short lines.

  • The intense red of a vine ripe tomato, the encouraging shouts from one vendor to another, and the inviting perfume of a newly sliced round of pecorino cheese are all something that must be experienced to truly understand.
  • This is your chance to be accompanied by a local gourmet food expert, who will greet your at your meeting point and walk with you through the ancient streets of Rome to a historic, bustling, brimming food market.
  • Our guide will lead you on an engaging tour of the market, as only a Roman local can.
  • You will peruse the fish, meat and vegetable stands where you'll taste some delicious, fresh local fruits, or maybe some mussels straight from the counter.
  • Our guide will explain how the many ingredients you see have been used in Rome's culinary traditions over the centuries and how they still play an important part in the modern Roman diet.
  • After the market, you will explore the nearby historic Jewish neighborhood food shops, with their many unique, traditional culinary products.