Venice walking tours - Limousine Rome Tour

A walking tour of Venice with highly professional English speaking guides will provide the perfect historical and artistic introduction to the city.

  • Discover Venice and its landmarks with Venice walking tour. The introduction walk of Venice unfolds through the elegant Piazza San Marco, surrounded by the governmental buildings of the ancient Republic: this was in fact the political, religious and cultural centre of it all. Marvel at the shining gold Byzantine Saint Mark church, one of the most incredible Christian buildings ever built. 
  • The Doge's Palace, known in Italian as the Ducale di Venezia, was the residence of the Doge of VeniceIts two most visible façades look towards the Venetian Lagoon and St Mark's Square.  As well as being the ducal residence, the palace housed political institutions of the Republic of Venice until the Napoleonic occupation of the city.
  • Explore the hidden corners of the palace on the secret tour of the Doge’s Palace. This follows in the footsteps of the most important (or infamous) leaders of Venice.
  • On their trips through the palace, they wouldn’t use the public doors and stairways; they would slip through hidden passageways and concealed doors: somehow appropriate in this smoke-and-mirrors city where mask and illusion are so popular and where subterfuge was always an essential element of the politics.