Rome Vatican Tour

Please take a look at the many different types of Rome Vatican tour that we offer.

  • The worldwide famous Vatican Museums, within the small, independent state of the Vatican City, house an exceptional collection of artworks of any era and in particular of the Renaissance period.  Over one thousand rooms and galleries are known collectively as the Vatican Museums, and contain the amazing treasures of art that many Popes have collected over centuries.
  • You will be impressed by the stunning Michelangelo’s masterpieces housed in the Sistine Chapel, such as the beautiful frescoed ceiling and, above all, the Last Judgment.
  • Our Rome Vatican tour provides a complete picture of the headquarters of Roman Catholic Church.
  • The awe-inspiring St. Peter’s Basilica with its splendid Bernini’s square surrounded by marble columns, statues of Saints and Popes is the largest church in the world. You will admire this masterpiece of art built on the grave of St. Peter’s, containing another Michelangelo’s outstanding work of art: the “Pietà”.
  • Rome Vatican Tour can be both private or for a small group of people. 
  • All our tour guides are fully-licensed guides of Rome and the Vatican, speak English fluently and have backgrounds in Art & History.
  • Contact us for more details or to ask for a customized tour.